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Hysteroscopy in Brooklyn


Hysteroscopy in Brooklyn

Hysteroscopy is performed for evaluation or treatment of the endometrial cavity, tubal ostia, or endocervical canal in women with:

  • Abnormal premenopausal or postmenopausal uterine bleeding
  • Endometrial thickening or polyps
  • Submucosal, and some intramural, fibroids
  • Intrauterine adhesions
  • Müllerian anomalies (eg, uterine septum)
  • Retained intrauterine contraceptives or other foreign bodies
  • Retained products of conception
  • Desire for sterilization
  • Endocervical lesions

There are several approaches to evaluating women with abnormal uterine bleeding or intrauterine lesions (pelvic sonography, saline infusion sonography, endometrial sampling, hysterosalpingography). Using hysteroscopy for the initial evaluation offers the potential benefit of combining evaluation with treatment. Also, hysteroscopy avoids the risk of missing focal pathology, as may occur with blind endometrial sampling.

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