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Girls and women sometimes seek medical and surgical attention due to concerns about the appearance of their external genitalia. One area of concern is the size of the labia minora, although a variation is size is consistent with normal anatomy.

Clinical labia minora hypertrophy remains a poorly defined diagnosis. Interest in surgical correction of vulvar appearance may be associated with trends in pubic hair removal, exposure to idealized images of genital anatomy through digital applications or websites, and awareness of cosmetic vulvovaginal surgery. Labioplasty — The goal of labioplasty is resection of the hypertrophic tissue and creation of symmetrically reduced labia. Surgical correction of labia minora hypertrophy is reserved for patients who have persistent symptoms despite counseling and vulvar care instruction and who have been screened and found not to have body dysmorphic disorder.

This procedure may be performed in adolescence, if indicated, but it is our experience that the minimum age should be 15 to 16 to avoid the need for a second operation if the labia continue to grow. The emotional maturity level of the adolescent should also be evaluated when determining the appropriate age for a surgical procedure. Decisions regarding surgical treatment of preadolescent or adolescent girls require involvement of a parent.

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