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The goals of contraceptive counseling that we offer in Brooklyn are to educate women about contraception, discuss current and future contraceptive needs, select a contraceptive method, and avoid the risks of unintended pregnancy.

  • Women are encouraged to select one of the most effective contraceptive options. In practice, contraceptive methods can be divided into three categories based upon their theoretical and actual effectiveness.
  • The most effective methods are long-acting reversible contraception (LARC: intrauterine contraception and contraceptive implants) and sterilization. These methods are associated with the lowest pregnancy rates regardless of the population studied because their effectiveness is minimally influenced by the patient’s actions or adherence.
  • Effective contraceptive methods include combined estrogen-progesterone hormonal methods (pills, patch, vaginal ring), progestin injections, and diaphragms. These methods are less effective than long-acting reversible contraception, although still highly effective when used properly.
  • The least effective methods of contraception, including male and female condoms, cervical caps, sponges, spermicides, periodic abstinence, and withdrawal, are associated with actual pregnancy rates that are much higher than perfect use rates.
  • Selection of a contraceptive method must take into account the woman’s preferences, her time frame for pregnancy, and contraceptive efficacy, safety, and side effects. We ask the woman if she will be able to adhere to the requirements of using the method, adhere to the method despite these requirements, and likely tolerate the method’s potential side effects. The non-contraceptive benefits of the various birth control options can help guide the selection process.


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